Friday, October 18, 2013

Descriptive Second Post

Okay, according to the Law of New Blogs, I'm supposed to write what amounts to the cover letter to a resumé and wow you with my bona fides.

Well, obviously, I'm Arik (note: see blog title), and I've been blogging on and off for years, most recently at Nuking Politics, where recent, stupid actions on my part made it best if I make a gracious, if abrupt, exit. Before that, the 2008 election cycle convinced me to try my hand at commentary. I wanted to be the next Thomas Paine, or maybe Ann Coulter, except mean. Instead, I ended up being the Dane Cook of political commentary. If you've ever seen Dane Cook, you know what I mean: He's up there doing SOMETHING, and it's obvious HE thinks it's funny, but no  one else can really be sure, either what it is he's doing, or whether it actually is funny.

Born and raised in Ohio, I've lived here all my life except for the four years the Navy sent my to California. I joined to see the world, and as far out of the country as I got was Avenida Revolución in Tijuana. However, while there, I learned the trade in which I continue to this day. I'm a med tech, and pretty good at it, I think. I work at a couple of hospitals, one full time, the other part time, and when I'm not working, I sleep. And sometimes do this. You may have seen some of my lolbamas over at IMAO.

Anyway, I think what I want to do here is more general and less political, about stuff that really irritates me. Some ranting, some raving, and maybe some sober reflection. But mostly the ranting and raving. I've got a lot of thoughts, and sometimes feel the need to share them, and all of you are going to be in the splash zone, so either bring a plastic tarp or be prepared to get covered in some sort of vegetable matter. Watermelons have totally been done, so not them.

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