Monday, October 21, 2013

In Praise of RINOs

I still like to consider myself an independent, though I have sworn never to vote for a democRat again. That doesn't mean I will vote for the Republican. It means he or she will have to earn my vote before I will mark my ballot for them. But, I have to admit: I've taken quite a liking to some of these RINO Republicans. You know, like Ted Cruz and Mike Lee.

Wait, I hear you say, "Those are the people who are standing up for the conservative cause, all the stuff on the Republican platform!"

Okay, I'll grant you that, but answer this: When was the last time you heard the Republican Party actually fight for what they say they stand for?

As far as I can see, since at least the late nineties, the Republicans have mostly been the democRat Party Lite. The government grows and grows and freedom slowly dies. While I would take Bush to Empty Chair any day of the week, we know we got more Medicare spending, and a behemoth Department of Homeland Security that seems to be doing everything but what it was supposed to be doing: Coordinating intelligence and security to keep the nation safe. Instead, we get Grandma felt up at the airport scanners, While burka-clad somethings get a Political Correctness Pass to go where they please. Does anyone really think an actual terrorist would have a problem putting on a burka to get through a scanner?

And despite being elected to the majority in the House of Representatives, the modus operandi for the past 3 years seems to be little more than SAYING they oppose Barry before they bend over and let him have his way.

Yes, the Republican Party is pretty pathetic these days. And they demonize those among them who who stand up for what the party ostensibly believes.

So, we now we know what a real Republican is: Some one who talks a good fight, but kneels before Caesar Barackus every time.

Give me RINOs like Cruz and Lee any day.

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