Sunday, May 11, 2014

Some People

In our lives, a lot of people drift in and out.

There are those who are there and gone without leaving much of an impression and make barely a ripple when they depart. 

There are those who have such a negative presence that we hope never to see them again, and maybe dream of letting them know how much they hurt us.

There are those who have a positive impact that come and go, having pleasant encounters from time to time, and not sweating the absences in between. 

Then there are those who come into our lives and shake our world to its foundation, then are gone, whether by choice or not, they leave open wounds in our souls that will not close, scars that refuse to heal. We are better for having had them in our lives and far worse for  their departure.

If you have one of these last, and you have the opportunity to let them know how much they meant to you, take it. It doesn't have to be a special occasion, a holiday, a birthday or even a half-birthday. If you can let them know, let them know.

I wish I could.

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