Sunday, March 23, 2014

Applying Myself

Well, as per my last post, I have officially applied for an out-of-state position, or in this case, positions. The Air Force needs civilians in their hospitals in case the active duty airmen get mobilized. This happens in many military hospitals across all branches; it's not just an Air Force thing.

So, if you're in a praying mood and you have the time and inclination to say one for me, I would truly appreciate it. The positions I am most hoping for are in Mountain Home, Idaho and Ogden, Utah. After that, I would really like any of the Gulf States, and beyond that, pretty much any well-paying position would do. I would even take North Dakota, which gets lots of snow, which is something I am inordinately not fond of.   (I know Idaho and Utah get snow, too, but they have something else: Big mountains. I love the mountains, and would suffer the snow to have the high places.)

Anyway, thanks in advance for putting in a word for me.

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