Saturday, March 22, 2014

Getting Old

Today was my first full day with my bifocals. I'm feeling a little down that after wearing glasses for almost thirty years, I have to learn to do it differently. And the thought that half the world will always be blurry and out of focus if bringing me down even more.

And today is my 20th wedding anniversary. I'm surprised we made it through the last year. I will be even more surprised if we make it through the next.

I am deep in debt, working two dead-end jobs and wanting to be somewhere else, almost ANYWHERE else, than Northeast Ohio.

Am I having a mid-life crisis? It's a little late for that, unless I intend to live unto my nineties, which I don't. Mid-life for me was ten years ago, tops. I'm not just over the hill, I'm speeding into the Valley, and I lost any interest in the journey months ago.

Getting old sucks.

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