Tuesday, February 25, 2014

An Oddity

My wife recently dropped a hint that she had a gift of some sort for me. It came as a mild surprise as she didn't bother getting me anything for Valentine's Day. Or Christmas. Or my birthday.

All she would say was it "took a lot of thought" and that it would have to wait until the kids weren't around.

Please don't let it be "naughty." Please.

But it usually is.

I can only think of two things that I would like to receive from her at this point, and as I suspect neither of them is any more likely to occur than me winning the lottery during a full solar eclipse during a full moon, I guess I'm going to have to practice pasting on a smiley-face and pretend to be happy while silently hoping for a bullet to the brain.

Okay, THREE things she could possibly give me...still not very likely.

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