Saturday, February 1, 2014

Yet Another Failure

I think it's obvious that of all the things that I dislike in this world, I am at or near the top of the list.

I have tried to rectify this situation through the discontinuation of my medication. Seemed like an easy plan. Just stop and let nature take its course.

I have discovered one thing that I dislike more than continued existence: Being fat. Since I stopped my blood pressure meds I have gained 20 pounds. Correlation doesn't necessary indicate causation, but the correlation is pretty strong here, and I have experience and precedents that tell me one likely follows from the other.

So, I will likely have to start taking my meds again, which is a shame because I know the strategy was working. It's amazing how much the body can deteriorate in just a couple weeks. But at the same time, the threat of continued existence at a greatly increased body weight is too much to risk.

I have a few alternatives in mind.

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