Saturday, January 18, 2014

a conundrum

ive noticed a strange quirk in the law

when you feel so bad you dont want to be any more there is no one to tell because your healthcare professionals have to have you committed for 72 hours if you tell them i think this is bad because then you get a record and you are stigmatized so you wont tell them because you would rather be dead than marked as crazy for life

so instead of getting the help you want you go from thinking about it to researching it to planning it to rehearsing it to maybe actually doing it all because you dont want to be sent away even for 3 days if it means the government gets involved because theres no right to privacy and even though you dont want to hurt anybody but yourself they think youre dangerous even though youre not and so the law that is supposed to help people ends up stopping people who need help from getting it and they end up in a bad place

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