Thursday, January 16, 2014

Safe Haven

I don;t know what I ate, but it is certainly having its way with my belly. I don't feel bad, I've just been, um, rather musical all day. I wanted to warn my co-workers, but couldn't think of a tactful way to tell them. I think maybe I ought to put up a sign,like at Sea World. You know: "Splash Zone."

I tried thinking of what I could call it, but I had some trouble.

Here are some of the ideas I rejected:

  • Gas Chamber (Too many negative connotations)
  • Stench Closet (I'm in an open area)
  • Fart Fantasy Land (Too whimsical)
  • Odor Arena (Close, but not quite)
  • Wafting Wonderland (Also too whimsical)
  • Stinky Place (Accurate, but too generic.)
What I finally decided on was Aroma Zone. It sounds like a fun place, accurately describes what it should describe, but in a much more pleasant manner than is appropriate. It's a perfectly Orwellian description. 

I like it.

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