Wednesday, January 29, 2014

It's the Thought that Counts

At least that's what I've heard.

That makes this year's anniversary gift all that more special.

This year will be my 20th anniversary. Such an auspicious number would seem to require an auspicious gift.

Granted it's well ahead of the actual date, but I believe you celebrate when the opportunity presents itself, rather than feel it necessary to confine yourself to a specific time.

So, I found two 4th row tickets to Elton John on Saturday night. The price is about one and a half paychecks of my part time job, but how often do you get fourth row seats?

Preceded by a dinner at Arnie's, which looks like a dump from the outside but serves the universe's best steaks on the inside, it would be a truly special night.

And that's where "It's the thought that counts" comes in. I thought about it.

My thought was this: "With the way she's treated me this past year, she's lucky I don't choose that ray to have her served with dicorce papers."

So, she's getting for Valentine's Day and our 20th anniversary exactly what I got for my birthday and Christmas: Ignored.

It's the thought that counts? My thought is, "Not worth the time, effort or expense."


  1. Surprise her with more than she deserves. Couldn't hurt.

    1. So, you're saying I should not only have the papers served on the anniversary, but change the locks as well?

      Actually, I think I know what you're REALLY saying.

      I've tried. I've tried seven, nay, SEVEN TIMES SEVENTY times. All I get in return is suspicion and rejection. I have tickets for the family to see Billy Joel on April 1. All four cost about what one of the Elton John seats cost, but I really couldn't afford four really good seats. If she wants to go, fine. If not, I've got any number of people who would like to go along.

      I don't care at this point. I wish I did, but I don't.

      There are other ways to spend that money (that I don't really have yet, anyway) that will be better appreciated and better serve.